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Cremer Lifts is a family-owned business with grassroots in manufacturing and installing stairlifts. Established in 1985 and incorporated in 2004, Cremer Lifts has grown into a leading member of the New Zealand-based lift industry and continues to evolve in 2021.

Importing quality lifts from our partner organisations, we provide New Zealand with residential, commercial and industrial vertical transportation solutions. Cremer Lifts provides non-proprietary lift software and hardware that reduces risks for our clients, as servicing is not software-locked. We provide 24/7 breakdown service and our friendly team is always a phone call away – many issues can be resolved over the phone, saving you the call-out fee.

“ A lift can be a purely functional experience, or an immersive, interactive portal to convey your guests from one space to another. Cremer has 35 years experience delivering world-class hardware that performs, transforms and adds value. ”

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“We rebuilt our head office in Mt Wellington and installed a lift to support disabled access and goods delivery, all completed within budget and on time. This lift plays a vital part in our operation. We have an ongoing maintenance contract with Cremer Lifts who are responsible for ensuring our lift meets the strict safe working requirements applied under compliance law. Their service has been timely, effective and proactive.”

Shelley Skinner – Hyundai Motors NZ

Cremer Lifts - Form Function Freedom