Aritco Passenger Platform Lifts

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Inspired in design, comfort and simplicity. A platform lift that combines versatility in form and function with ease of installation and use. One that complements and blends into any environment, internally or externally, with just the right aesthetic touch. Runs year in and year out, without incident. The Aritco Living Collection, for residential use, a lift that takes mobility to new levels and adds to the value of your home.


Whether you are designing, building or renovating, we offer a range of extraordinary possibilities. Consider all the ways you might move up market. Consider a Prime choice. Assured with the highest standards of quality and safety, Aritco Prime Series lifts for commercial use are in operation, problem free, all around the world. They are suited to a multiple of environments, with a myriad of designs.

Kleemann Traction and Hydraulic Elevators

flexyliftKLEEMANN has a wide product range consisting of complete systems and components. The systems include traction and hydraulic lifts, with or without machine rooms, with a duty range that can exceed 10,000 kg. Furthermore, KLEEMANN provides a variety of lifting systems such as lift platforms for the disabled, home lifts, escalators, lift systems for vehicles, goods lifts etc.

The product range also includes goods-passenger lifts, firefighter lifts, vandal-resistant lifts, lifts subject to seismic conditions, lifts with reduced dimensions of pit and headroom, and lifts for healthcare buildings.


STS-Dock-ProductsWith more than 60 years of experience, Safetech is the obvious choice for dock products, lifting solutions, freight hoists and pallet handling equipment.

Safetech has an extensive array of market leading products and the best engineering design team working in the lifting solutions market. Designed to make light of heavy work for any loading/unloading dock situation you encounter, from a single dock position to the largest warehouse with multiple dock positions.