kleemannKleemann of Greece are a leading European manufacture of commercial lifts. Cremer have successfully supplied and installed many Kleemann lift systems throughout New Zealand, into buildings that include; shops, offices, apartment blocks, hospitals and rest homes, schools and storage facilities.

Kleemann is committed to manufacturing and providing complete lifts and services that enhance safety, reliability, comfort and aesthetics in the transportation of passengers or goods.

Kleemann goods/passenger lifts, car lifts and bed lifts are extremely durable and can be designed to handle any customization according to your building requirement.

These heavy duty lifts form the ideal solution for building types such as warehouses, parking buildings, hospitals, supermarkets, shopping malls etc.


As the name suggests is ideal for any building with pit and headroom limitations rated load range from 375kg to 1000kg.

Only small machine room space is needed for a cabinet which contains the power unit and the controller. State of the art, environment friendly hydraulic solution by Kleemann.


Speed1.0 m/s
Travel (m)25-30
Load (kg)450-1000
Min Pit Depth (mm)400
Min Headroom (mm)2900
Number of stops11
Platform sizes (mm)1000×1250

Features and Advantages:

  • Minimum requirements for shaft pit
  • Minimum requirements for headroom
  • Extra devices to ensure installer’s safety when operating in the shaft pit or on the top of the cabin
  • Automatic emergency evacuation
  • Guaranteed compatibility of all components

Atlas-MRLAtlas MRL – Traction Gearless MRL Lifts

Atlas MRL lifts are the ideal traction Machine Roomless (MRL) solution for rated loads up to 5000kg. They are equipped with a premium quality gearless motor and a state of the art inverter that lead to an outstanding ride quality, eliminate noise and achieve very low energy consumption. Furthermore, all lift components are cleverly designed to achieve efficient use of space inside the shaft as well as ease of installation and maintenance.

Kleemann Atlas PremiumAtlas Basic and Premium

Atlas Basic was designed to ensure both high quality and ride comfort. The low levels of noise and car vibrations fulfill even the most strict requirements. Regeneration systems are available to provide excellent ride quality while reducing energy up to 60%.

Atlas Premium is the traction MRL solution for rated load up to 1000kg adjusted to your needs. It guarantees outstanding performance, exceptional ride quality, very low energy consumption and the opportunity to choose from a wide range of materials. Shape the product that best fits your needs choosing from many design options and finishings.


Speed1.0 m/s
Max Travel (m)30
Load (kg)300-1000
Min Pit Depth (mm)1200
Min Headroom (mm)3450
Number of stops11

Kleemann Atlas GIGASAtlas Gigas

Atlas Gigas and Super Gigas were designed to ensure both high quality and ride comfort. The low levels of noise and car vibrations fullfil even the most strict requirements.

Feel safe with the solid Atlas Gigas and Super Gigas that guarantee maximum safety. Designed for ease of installation and use, providing spatial efficiency and reliability. Atlas Gigas and Super Gigas were designed to give passengers more personal space. A larger car can be used for standard sized shafts.


Speed1.6 m/s
Max Travel (m)45
Load (kg)1275-2500
Min Pit Depth (mm)1200
Min Headroom (mm)3450
Number of stops16

Kleemann Atlas Super GIGASAtlas Super Gigas

Atlas Super Gigas consists of ideal solution for heavy loads covering a range from 2500kg to 5000kg. It is equipped with Kleemann premium quality gearless motor and inverter which guarantee outstanding performance, excellent ride quality and low energy consumption.

Atlas Super Gigas is designed to fully exploit the space in the shaft as well as to facilitate the installation and maintenance.


Speed1.0 m/s
Max Travel (m)45
Load (kg)3000-5000
Min Pit Depth (mm)1400
Min Headroom (mm)3800
Number of stops16


  • Wide range of application (from 300kg / 4 persons up to 5000kg / 66 persons)
  • Premium ride quality through state of the art technology
  • High energy efficiency (especially for high-rise buildings)
  • Ease of installation

COMPACT Goods Only LiftCOMPACT Goods-Only Hydraulic Lift

COMPACT is the goods-only hydraulic lift for freights indented primarily for industrial facilities and warehouses. Reliability of performance, endurance to large freights and harsh work conditions and full compliance with legislation are characteristics that create the profile of a dependable working tool. The type of your COMPACT is set by your building work requirements, since it adjusts to your standards by the flexibility of its production.


Trolley                                                       Car sling
Drive Hydraulic (indirect roping)
Max Rated load [kg] 350   4506501000300350   450650100012001500
Min pit [mm]220220220430450450460380380
Min headroom [mm]                           2200
PW: Max Platform width [mm]125012501400100012501250140018002000
PD: Max Platform depth [mm]110011001300100011001100130015001600
SW: Shaft Width [mm]130013001450105013001300145018502050
SD: Shaft Depth [mm]144514451655132514451445167519002000
Max number of landings                              4
Max travel height [m] 7   109911.5  7    1099910
 DBG:Guides [mm] Distance Between7027028184547027028189461146
Pump [lit/min] 8    131315 8   13 8   1313152736
Motor [kW]1.8/230V 2/400V1.8/230V 2/400V2.5/230V 2/400V1.8/230V 2/400V1.8/230V 2/400V1.8/230V 2/400V2.5/230V 2/400V3.5/230V 3/400V4.8/230V –


Landing doors Hinged (semi-automatic)