APSGO-Traffic-Lights6x4-270x176Dock Traffic Management Systems

  • Clear and Accurate dock communication
  • Improved Safety of loading dock
  • Increase loading dock efficiency

Safetech Dock Traffic management systems consist of communication lighting and master control units.

STS-Dura-dock-Dock Bollards & Bumpers

  • Improve Personnel and Equipment protection
  • Fully Galvanised and robust bollard design
  • Available in various mounting configuration

Safetech dock bollards and dock bumpers combine as the market leader for robust equipment protection at your loading dock.

Safety-Gate-and-Pit-Bull-Truck-restraintDock Barrier Safety Gates

  • Manual and Powered Options
  • Personnel and Forklift Protection
  • Interlocks with traffic management system

Dock Safety is enchanced with a dock barrier safety gate.  Safetech’s range of dock guard barrier safety gates come in manual and powered configuration. Dock safety gates can be interlocked with the operation of your dock leveller and traffic management system for completion of your safe and effective dock.

Hold-Safe-Stabiliser-in-placeHoldSafe Trailer Stabiliser

  • Proven Solution to protect from Trailer collapse.
  • Easily Setup and relocated.
  • Effective protection from trailers sink on softer ground.

Unsupported Trailers can be a major hazard at your dock, or within your yard.  Placed under the front frame of your semi trailers, the HoldSafe Trailer Stabiliser reduces trailer tip and landing gear collapse accidents during loading and unloading, where the prime mover has been removed.