Dock Hoists

  • Configured to suit your site with pallet designs from 1 upto 8 pallet capacityDock leveller along with dock lift includes boom gates and composite bumpers
  • No Pit Required with our low profile platform
  • All dock features are fully integrated including gates and handrails, bumper and controls

Dock Hoists: Productivity and Safety 

Dock Lifts are a critical link between delivery vehicles and the workplace and have a substantial impact on productivity and safety.
Safetech build a wide range of hoists of varying capacities that are available in non attended and attended designs.

Safetech have dock lift designs for 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 pallets that feature the industries best boom gates and safety features derived from 40 years of experience supplying dock hoists and lifts to retailers and warehouses.

Low Hoist: No Pit required

Safetech offer Low Profile Dock Hoists that do not need to be set into a pit.
Available in multiple models ranging from 1 to 8 pallets they offer unique customers benefits. Installation is simple with no concrete pit and relocation is just as easy.

Safety – your most important feature

Safetech Dock lifts have safety designed in as standard – not an option. Consider these protective features;
Operator Safety Barrier with Controls.

Fencing with Kick Plates, also available with Sheeted in Walls.
Twin Boom Gates.
Swing Gates.
Lockable Control Enclosures for added security.
Vinyl Safety Skirts protection against scissor mechanism.
Safety Flaps or Safety Bar protection against platform descending

Other features include.

Remote Power Unit.
Pit Angles for concrete edge protection.
Hydraulic Load Flaps.
Manual Load Flaps.
Constant running Power Unit.


  • Variable platform sizes.
  • External and remote power packs.
  • IP 56 electrical fittings.
  • Low Profile Lifts
  • Fork sockets.
  • Different platforms including chequer plate, special paints and stainless steel skins.
  • Safety skirts.
  • Powered traverse.
  • Air motors.
  • Tandem tables.
  • Lifting lugs.
  • Personnel Lift Modifications.