Safetech Dock Levellers

  • Largest range of dock levellers to create a safe dock for staff and delivery driversDock Hoist - Lo Profile for Pitless Installation
  • Standard 12,500kg rollover capacity, efficient product delivery to your store
  • Fully integrated to your dock with traffic management, bumpers & safety gates

Safetech Dock levellers provide the link between your store or warehouse loading docks and the delivery vehicle.

Additionally our range of dock products and accessories can seal your doors and docks from harsh weather, secure trucks and prevent potentially disastrous dock accidents.
Finally we can successfully integrate our dock levelers with instantaneous, clear, non-verbal communication systems for your dock operator and vehicle drivers.
The result – improved safety and enhanced productivity on your dock.

Types of installations include- Pit mounted, Free standing or Igloo and all are available with optional truck Tail Lift provision.

  • Nominal rollover capacity of 12500kg
  • Range of standard models and sizes available
  • Heavy-duty models are also available


Container Dock levellers
  • Accommodate the loading and unloading of container vehicles when containers are not positioned at the rear of the truck bed, or for the leading trailer of B doubles
Edge of dock / Mini dock levellers
  • Suitable when the difference in the range of vehicle bed heights to dock height is minimal
  • Can be face mounted or pit installed
Vertical dock levellers
  • Stored vertically
  • Ideal for temperature-controlled environments
Truck levellers
  • Designed to lift the rear of the truck to the level of the dock for safe and effective loading/ unloading
  • Truck levellers can be built with automatic wheel chocks that safely restrain the vehicle
Load Hog modular dock bridge
  • 6800 kg capacity
  • Mechanical operation-no power required
  • No pit required
  • Can be retro fitted
Free standing dock levellers
  • A standard Dock Leveller installed into a steel frame and secured free standing in front of a loading dock and provides a safe extension to a loading dock without the permanency and added cost of civil works
Tail Lift provision dock levellers
  • Provides a suitable cavity under the dock levellers for a safe and effective method of loading/unloading vehicles fitted with a hydraulic tail lift
Igloo dock levellers
  • Designed to maintain the ‘Cold Chain’ in Cold Storage warehousing
  • The free standing Igloo Dock Leveller is available in several configurations
  • A stepped down model is available if the swing doors of a truck are to be opened after the truck is positioned against the dock.