Seal-Shelter-Fixed-head-head-flap_0Dock Seals and Dock Shelters

  • Significant energy savings, reducing heating and cooling losses whilst loading
  • Improves the loading dock environment keeping temperature and dust and winds out of the dock
  • Increase storage area, with the trailer becoming a secure extension of the facility

Safetech Dock Shelters and Dock Seals provide an effective weather protected passageway between the building and the vehicle when loading or unloading. This protected passageway keeps costly conditioned air inside and unwanted conditions out.

Safetech Shelter and Seal systems offer the following benefits:

  • Energy savings – Reduces heating & cooling losses resulting in short term pay back.
  • Merchandise protection – Protects products against damaging elements and helps minimize vermin entry.
  • Efficiency – Seals & shelters improve the loading dock environment & allow loading/unloading in all weather conditions.
  • Increased storage – Trailers securely positioned in the loading dock become a secure environment controlled extension of the facility.
  • Safe working conditions – Helps keep weather out whilst improving dock safety.
  • Improved security – Helps prevent unauthorized entry and pilfering of goods.
Dock Seals
keep the elements out for a safe and productive loading dock
Dock Shelters
help keep the elements out while also providing full trailer access for a safe and productive loading dock
Inflatable Seals & Shelters
provide greater flexibility and a positive seal for improved dock safety, energy efficiency and improved loading dock environmental control

Cremer offer an extensive range of Safetech Shelters and Seals adaptable to a range of vehicle heights and widths suitable for your situation.