Pitbull-Engaged-to-truck-rail1-e1434947396450Vehicle Restraints

  • Securely and reliably restrains the truck to the dock for added dock safety
  • Integrates with dock traffic management system including LED Lights
  • Galvanised finish dock restraints for external installations

Dock installations are potentially the most hazardous areas in your store or warehouse. Trucks and pedestrians interactions are inevitable and truck mishaps with docks surprisingly common. Injury and plant damage can be the result. One of the most common causes of dock accidents is vehicles which are not properly secured before loading. Safetech offers a full line of vehicle restraints that can make loading and unloading all kinds of vehicles safer for your workforce. Safetech vehicle restraints successfully integrate powerful and effective restraints that physically lock a vehicle and  provide instantaneous, clear, non-verbal communications systems for dock operators and drivers. The result is a new level of safety and enhanced productivity on the dock.

Vehicle Restraints
are designed to engage a trailer’s rear impact guard and can be mounted to the dock wall, ground or recessed in a pit under the leveler
Wheel Restraints
answer the challenge of safely securing trailers with missing or damaged rear impact guards and those equipped with lift gates

Several models are available from the most popular ground mounted non impact ‘Pit Bull’ model to  dock wall mounted or under dock mounted models that come in a range of mechanical or power operated styles to suit your needs. All restraints come with long life LED Light Communication packages to improve the safety aspects of your dock area. If securing a vehicle safely to a loading dock is important then contact Cremer for the best solution for your needs.