Chairlifts-ThyssenKrupp-Accessibility01Flow II

The tailor-made rail for Flow II can be mounted on either side of the staircase. Patented automatic swiveling (available as an optional extra) during travel allows installation of Flow II even on the narrowest stairs while maintaining a comfortable chair size. With the arm and foot rests folded, this model takes up little space when parked, and can even be parked “round the corner”. Thanks to three vertical start options, Flow II can also be used with only minimum space available in front of the first step. The new space saving “vertical short start” even reduces rail protrusion at the bottom of the stair to less than 100mm, keeping doors and doorways free. Flow II can travel on inclines of up to 70 degrees onto multiple floor levels.

Features of the Flow

  • Suitable for curved staircases even as narrow as 60cm and up to an incline of 70 degrees.
  • The automatic swivel-seat and footrest help you to get on and off the chair safely, as well as allowing for optimum use of the space available.
  • Radio-controlled for complete ease-of-use, with a joystick in the armrest and remote call and park stations at each stop.
  • The patented single-tube system minimises the amount of space used, even where there are adjoining doors or where access is limited.
  • Comfortable chair with adjustable height and ergonomically-designed padded seat.
  • The seat and footrest fold up to maximise the space available.
  • Curved armrests give added security and support while you travel.
  • Modern drive system ensures quiet operation.
  • Various seat and colour variations to complement the decor of your home.
125 kg capacity
340 mm folded depth
Automatic power swivel seat
Adjustable seat heights