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RPsP Inclined Platform Lift is made using high value materials. All the exposed surfaces/parts (rail, platform, safety bars) are made of anodised paluminium to guarantee you a rust free product.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor straight installations.

Supra curved inclined platform lift offers world-class design, the latest safety features, and proven reliability.

Technical Specifications

Rated Load250kg – 325kg
Speed0.07 m/s (0.14 m/s for three-phase motor)
Power0.75 kw (max)
Maximum Travel40m
Standard Platforms860mm x 650mm
860mm x 710mm
1050mm x 850mm
1250mm x 850mm
Max angle of inclineUp to 45 degrees


  • Customised platform size
  • Motorised opening/closing platform
  • On wall remote control
  • Outdoor version
  • High speed (0.14 m/s) version (soft start included 0.75 kw motor)
  • Anti-blackout device (available with the high speed version only)
  • Radio remote control
  • Mobile long side flap
  • Foldable seat
  • Cover cloth