Design to your heart's content

When you leave the website to access our supplier’s site for the lift configurator, you’re essentially stepping into their digital showroom. Our supplier’s website hosts the tools and resources needed to tailor-make your lift according to your specifications. By transitioning to their platform, you gain access to their expertise and technology, ensuring you can craft the perfect lift solution for your needs. So, think of it as walking through a door from our space to theirs, where you can explore and customize your lift to your heart’s content.

Once you have configured your dream lift, contact the team at Cremer to bring your dream to reality.

When navigating away from the Cremer Lifts website to our suppliers’ configurators, please note that not all products may be available in New Zealand. We recommend contacting the Cremer sales team to verify the details of your lift configuration once you have completed it on the supplier’s site.

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